Heusch workshops in Morocco

“We know that Morocco is one of upcoming markets for leather having
a huge potential if tanners succeed in improving the quality of their
product. Now, with automotive leather being on the rise quality and
process stability are high ranking targets for the industry” says Thomas
H. Schaefer, Managing Director of Heusch, Germany.
In a one week Morocco road trip a Heusch expert team visited the
country’s main leather hubs in Fes, Casablanca and Marrakesh. The
main focus was on improving the fleshing and shaving quality of the
tanned skins and hides.
All three events have been very well attended, drawing participants
from all major tanneries. In total 50 participants welcomed the
opportunity to learn from the experts.
Every event was about real hands-on experience. Each location had a
shaving cylinder that was used for demonstration and instruction given
by the Heusch engineers. Topics were measurement taking and
calculation, dismounting and mounting of blades, tools, levelling and
trouble shooting.
The half day trainings were held at workshops or at vocational training
centers. Later on tanners were visited to discuss the learnings at shop
floor level with the workers.
One of the attending tanners said: ” I am grateful that the Heusch team
showed my employees how passionate they are about their products,
the processes and quality. Their enthusiasm is a good benchmark for
our staff.”
After Iran, South Africa, Taiwan and Turkey this has been the 5 th country
the Heusch team offered this kind of onsite workshop.